ESG Policy

ESG Policy

VIETNAM HOLDING is firmly convinced that the transparency of market practices and market participants is a key factor in defining the healthy and sustainable development of Vietnam's capital markets.

Demonstrating this corporate governance commitment with their own organizational structures, the Boards of Directors of VNH and Dynam Captial are strictly segregated. The corporate organization includes internal compliance and audit functions, which report to the board of VNH. An annual audit is conducted by a major international accounting firm, while the compliance reporting is the responsibility of the Dynam Capital board.

As an investor in Vietnam, VNH emphasizes the application of sound corporate governance principles in all of its investments.

The company fulfils its fiduciary investment responsibility towards its shareholders by incorporating environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors into its investment analysis and decision-making process.

Download VNH’s Investment Policy here

In 2010, VNH conducted a thorough sustainability rating of its portfolio in partnership with Inrate. Based on the encouraging outcome of the rating VNH has made ESG research an integral part of its efforts to build the ESG awareness not only with investee companies, but also with all senior corporate executives and influential opinion-makers in Vietnam through its annual VIETNAM HOLDING Forums.

Download a summary of the Inrate report here

In 2014, Vietnam’s government approved four varieties of genetically modified corn seeds for sale and distribution in the country and thereby formally crossed into the realm of GMO cultivation.  This heralds the need for ESG investors to decide whether they are willing to allocate funds to companies that are involved in GMO-related activities.

Download VNH's GMO Policy here