To further develop the Fund’s business profile, the VNH organization has entered into partnerships with several pertinent organizations and business associations:

  • At the VNH Annual General Meeting in November 2009, shareholders voted overwhelmingly to endorse the comprehensive alignment of VNH's investment policy with the UN PRI's principles for responsible investing. As a consequence, ESG factors are now fully incorporated in our investment analysis and engagement strategy.

  • VietNam Holding Asset Management has been a founding member of the Global Compact network in Vietnam since 2007.  Managed by the United Nations, the Global Compact is a strategic policy initiative for companies that wish to align their activities with ten key principles in the public and private sectors. As the Fund now focuses significant attention on environmental and social issues, we are more than ever aware of the useful test of sustainability that the Global Compact framework poses for the developing Vietnamese economy.

  • In 2009, VNH became a member of ASrIA, the Association for Sustainable & Responsible Investment in Asia.  With the expert input of ASrIA, the Fund conducted an in-depth staff workshop for training and awareness building in sustainability issues that positively influences our current decision making

  •  South Pole Carbon helps VNH to calculate its CO2 footprint and identifies suitable projects in Vietnam to properly and meaningfully offset harmful emissions. South Pole Carbon is a Swiss-based global leader in the development of emission reduction projects, the providing of climate action solutions, and active carbon asset management.